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Senior Does



Little-Maple-Farms Laud (adga genetics link) - 7 Year Old 4th Freshening at Cayuga County Fair (2010)

Ivy (this is her farm name) was the first goat that we purchased.  She has been an excellent foundation for our herd with a tremendous amount of milk (testing 14 lbs with 3.2% butterfat on one day test at New York State Fair). She is currently retired but many of the does still in our show string are her progeny.  Ivy appraised with a permanent score of 91 both as a 5 year old and again as an 8 year old.  She is currently enjoying retirement with in our "old girls" stall but is no longer getting bred.



4 Tin Fish Farm Glinda (adga genetics link) - 6 Year Old 4th Freshening New York State Fair (2016)





4 Tin Fish Farm Miss Piggy (adga genetics link) - (top) 5 year old 3rd Freshening New York State Fair 2016 - (bottom) 3 Year Old 1st Freshening Grand Champion Cayuga County Fair 2014