4 Tin Fish Farm

Cheese Review

Well of course we have to review our cheese first! 4 Tin Fish Farm produces 3 varieties of Chevre; Plain, Herb de Provence & Peppercorn. The cheese is hand ladled into basket molds to drain and is packaged in deli containers to maintain the basket mold shape. This keeps the cheese light and fresh, so it should be eaten in 3 weeks. We have decided to give up shelf life so that people can experience true fresh Chevre. If you have traditionally not liked Chevre because you have found it to “goaty” tasting, we would challenge you to try our Chevre. We pride ourselves in making a very mild tasting Chevre, our Herb de Provence blend is particularly mild as the herbs mellow out the cheese even further. If you like a stronger flavor, try the Peppercorn Chevre. Plain Chevre might not be as exciting to eat on its own, but it is wonderful to cook with. We use it in all recipes calling for Chevre or Cream Cheese. It’s fun to play with and can be used in both savory or sweet recipes. Since Strawberry season is just starting here, we’re going to share a bonus recipe to kick off our cheese review series. Strawberry Fruit Dip 1 6 oz container of 4 Tin Fish Farm Plain Chèvre ¼ - ½ cup of confectioner sugar depending on your personal preference for sweetness 1 teaspoon of vanilla extra Whip all of this together with hand or stand mixer. *If you use vacuum sealed chevre you will probably need to add a little milk or water to make it creamier/dip-able.

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