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Cheese Review: Cornish Yarg

Photo Courtesy of Lynher Dairies

It took me a little bit of research to figure out what the real name of this cheese was since all I had written was “Nettle Cheese”.  Now that I've found the real name, Cornish Yarg, it sounds like such a harsh name for such a mild cheese.  It was my favourite cow’s milk cheese that we tasted at Neal’s Yard Dairy.  I found it very similar to farmer’s cheese or Caerphilly.  You could still almost feel the curd in your mouth and there was just a whisper of squeaky freshness left in it.  It may have a little hint of woodsy taste, but since it is a relatively fresh cheese, usually only aged about 5 weeks, the nettle flavor is not very strong.  The nettles are  more about aging protection and keeping of the inner cheese from drying out, than imparting a taste.  I also learned that the nettles are hand picked, frozen - as that takes the sting out of them, and then hand placed in circular patterns on the cheese.  It really is a beautiful wheel of cheese.  I was sure I would be able to purchase it in the US as it is made with pasteurized milk, but as of writing this, I have not been able to find an American distributor.  Lynher Dairies, who makes Cornish Yarg, has a gorgeous website that I’d encourage you to visit.  From there I learned that the name Yarg comes from the first cheese maker, Mr.Gray.  

According to a Lynher Dairies representative, they do not ship outside the UK, but Neal's Yard does ship their cheese to the US.

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