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Cheese Review: Hafod


Photo Courtesy of Neal's Yard Dairy

Hafod comes from the oldest, continuously certified organic dairy farm in Wales (35 years).  It is a mild, cheddar style cheese.  Although it is mild, it is a complex cheese, very creamy and buttery, not like the mild cheddars you would purchase in the supermarket.  The milk comes from Ayrshire cows.  This breed has an overall lower milk production than typical dairy cows, but makes up for it with their high protein and small butterfat globules, making it an ideal milk for cheesemaking.  This would be considered a small operation, milking 65 cows and making cheese every other day. Hafod wheels weigh in at 10 kg/22 lbs and are aged 10-18 months.  This raw milk cheddar is made by Sam & Rachel Holden.


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