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Cheese Review: Kunik & Perle

One of our stops while we were in Quebec was to Domaine de Courval in Waterville.  It is a quaint, "micro-fromagerie".  If you've heard of Nettle Meadows in NY, this new creamery in Quebec was established by the original owners of Nettle Meadows.  They opened their new  Quebec dairy in 2007 and make small batches of 3 varieties of cheese.  They make a fresh cheese in the style of Chevre or Fromage Blanc with different flavors.  Kunik is a blend of goat milk and cow cream, it is a soft cheese with a geotricum rind.  Due to the added cream this cheese melts in your mouth.  I really liked it fresh (meaning 14-21 days after being made).  As it ages the middle gets liquidy and the flavor gets stronger, and a little barnyard tasting ,that I personally didn't like.  If you enjoy strong, eat-it-wit-a-spoon cheese, hold on to it for 21-28 days, if you like milder flavors, eat it upon purchase.  My ultimate favourite out of their 3 varieties of cheese was the Perle (white wedge on left side of  board).  Perle is a goat's milk cheese and although they have similar rinds, it does the opposite of the Kunik in that it gets firmer as it ages.  It has a cheesy, fudge-like texture with a balanced salt, mold, milk flavor.  I think it's an ideal introduction to a goat geotricum cheese because it does get firmer instead of liquid as it ages, which can be a little scary for new-to-cheese people.   


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