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Fromagerie La Station de Compton: Hatley

This was an amazing find while we were in Quebec for a family reunion during July.  We got a chance to speak with one of the son's and cheesemaker's and he showed us around their shop and the cheese cave.  Their farm and cheese making facilities were perfectly planned out so that visitors can experience the whole process of cheesemaking through observation windows.  Keeping the cheese facilities clean and uncontaminated while still providing a full view of the processing procedures.   It was great to talk to another small scale producer and compare how our different countries regulate dairy and cheese processing (overall, pretty similar).  He's also the one that suggested we check out Domaine de la Courval's goat cheese that I reviewed last week.  

We were able to do a degustation of their cheeses, including their farmstead cheese that is only available at the farm and is a seasonally changing cheese.  My favorite was the Hatley.  It is made with their organic cows milk, is aged for 3 months, and has a hand-brushed, natural rind.  It is a sweet, yet hardy cheese, a little chewy, without being rubbery.  It has just a hint on cheddar like crystal crunch.  I found it to be a little nutty, mild, full-bodied cheese.  

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