4 Tin Fish Farm

Weekly Update: 01/10/14

We lost our way on blogging.  We did have good reasons, 1st we were getting ready for the State Fair, that's a lot of prep work, then we are there for almost a week, and then it takes at least a week to recover and get unpacked after living in the goat barn at the fair for a week. 2nd, as soon as we got home we had to have the vet come for a visit due to Lilly coming up lame.  Vet did a though check and could not find anything wrong with her, after about a week, lameness went away, one thought is that another goat hit her and she was sore.  And 3rd, a few weeks after the vet was here for Lilly we had to have her out again, this time for one of our wethers, Joe.  He had urinary calculi (which is kind of the goat equivalent of kidney stones, but can often times be deadly because they have a hard time passing them).  We can't say enough good things about our vet, she came out at 10:00 PM, did some pretty drastic things to try and save him and didn't leave til almost 1:00 AM.    She left us with some medicine and instructions, and gave him about a 50/50 chance of making it.  Joe would appear to make progress and then would crash, this went on for almost two weeks before he finally got better, our vet continued to stay in contact with us, texting every few days for updates and making suggestions on things we could try!  Seriously, if you are looking for a vet we really can't say enough good about her.  After all that, I think we were just out of the blogging habit.  New Year's Resolution: get back to blogging!  


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