4 Tin Fish Farm

Weekly Update: 07/08/13

We were in Quebec last week for a family reunion, it was great to spend time with family that we don’t get to see very often.  And we did take time to track down some Quebec cheeses so stay tune for some Canadian cheese reviews soon.  Once home, the rest of the week was spent getting caught up with things around the farm from being gone for a few days.  Cleaning up, making cheese, delivering orders, those kind of things.  We’ve been in discussions with another farmer about getting our back field hayed and seeded, but due to all the wet weather he hasn’t been able to get his equipment out there and now it’s past good hay use.  Trying to decide now if we just bushhog it and hope for a second cut and fall seeding or if we try to throw up some portable fence and pasture out there.  Last year it was rough getting hay to grow because it was so dry, this year it’s going to be rough getting hay because it can’t be cut since it’s so wet.

 Ungrateful boys destroyed their shelter that we had just fixed before we left on vacation

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