4 Tin Fish Farm

Weekly Update: 07/22/13

After a number of barn debates last week we finally decided on who was going to get a chance to go to NYS fair, and then we still made last minute changes when entries were submitted!  In total we're taking 12 goats, I think that might be the most we've ever taken, I know last year we took nine.  Everyone that's going also got to have a vet check, rabies shot and then health papers were filled out.  That is one thing we really appreciate about the vet we use, he does a complete health check on each goat individually.  For the first time we participated in Taste of Community Action, it's a local fundraiser for an agency that does a lot of good things for the community (family supports, domestic violence program, HeadStart, to name a few).  

And one final announcement, as of today, you can purchase our cheese at Eleven Lakes Winery in Canoga on Cayuga Lake.  

Showing at the New York State Fair

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