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Weekly Update: 07/01/13

July 1, 2013



This past week we welcomed our last baby of the spring.  We’re working on getting our feta stores rebuilt.  And refilling lots of water buckets throughout the day.  It’s been so hot and humid. Between water buckets and fly paper I think that takes up half our daily barn chore …

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Cheese Review: Cornish Yarg

June 28, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Lynher Dairies

It took me a little bit of research to figure out what the real name of this cheese was since all I had written was “Nettle Cheese”.  Now that I've found the real name, Cornish Yarg, it sounds like such a harsh name for such a mild cheese.  It was my favourite cow…

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Where's Ike Wednesday

June 26, 2013

"You're not one of the regular milkers, I better make sure you're doing this right"

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Weekly Update: 06/24/13

June 24, 2013

Joyeuse Saint Jean-Baptiste! It's Quebec's National Holiday!

This past week has been Hay Week here.  We've had a lot of rain the last few weeks and there was finally a stretch of days where everyone was cutting and baling.  So glad that it was last week when the humidity was lower than it has bee…

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Cheese Review: Innes Brick

June 21, 2013

During our trip to France this spring we took a whirlwind 24 hour trip to London to visit a dear friend we had not seen in years.  One of our first stops was Neal’s Yard Dairy.  The workers there were so friendly, kind, and helpful.  They kept cutting more and more cheese samples for us.  We began…

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Where's Ike Wednesday

June 19, 2013

Ike "helping" Victoria wash milk parlor walls

Photo Courtesy of Victoria Miller

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Weekly Update: 06/17/13

June 17, 2013


Kim’s parents were here for a few days last week and really helped us get caught up around the farm.  Our deck on our house has been precariously hanging on for the last couple of years so we’re working on replacing that and they helped get the first half of it torn down.  They also cleaned up…

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Cheese Review: Carr Valley Cheese: Sweet Vanilla Cardona Cheese

June 14, 2013

We found  this Wisconsin Cheese in our local Wegman's specialty cheese cooler.  

It is a very white cheese.  Although it's a aged wheel cheese it's soft and very creamy.  It smells and tastes sweet with just a hint of vanilla.  It's a very mild cheese, with no hint of goat taste.   

I fou…

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Where's Ike Wednesday

June 12, 2013

Even barn cats like boxes!

Weekly Update: 6/10/13

June 10, 2013


Photo Courtesy of Robert Day

Another successful show weekend!  This past weekend was the Central New York Dairy Goat Society Show.  We’re very proud to announce that Glinda won Reserve Grand Champion in the Alpine Senior Division and her daughter Elise won Reserve Grand Champion in the …

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Cheese Review

June 7, 2013

Well of course we have to review our cheese first! 4 Tin Fish Farm produces 3 varieties of Chevre; Plain, Herb de Provence & Peppercorn. The cheese is hand ladled into basket molds to drain and is packaged in deli containers to maintain the basket mold shape. This keeps the cheese light and fresh,…

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Where's Ike Wednesday

June 5, 2013

Favorite Pastime: Supervising Babies

Weekly Update: 6/3/13

June 3, 2013

We’ve had a busy last week on the farm.  Our first show of the season was this past weekend, the annual New York State Dairy Goat Breeder Association Show.   This means clipping and washing goats, trimming hooves, and overall making sure everyone looks nice and pretty.  Clipping is one of our leas…

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