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4 Tin Fish Farm


Pictures available on request.

Gabrielle is a 2 year old first freshener.  She is a dairy bodied doe with a very nice udder.  Gabrielle is milking around 6 lbs a day as a first freshener with 3.8% butterfat and 3.3% protein. Her mother is milking over 10 lbs a day currently as a third freshener and has one of the best udders in the barn.

- $350


4 Tin Fish Farm Xena (
Xena is Gabrielle's twin sister, also a 2 year old first freshener. Very open with good body capacity.  Could use more fore udder but is capacious and will milk alot. She is currently milking 6.5 lbs a day with 3.3.% butterfat and 3.0% protein. Same info on mother as Gabrielle

- $350

Mag-E is a four year old first freshener (she didn't settle the first two years).  She is a big doe with good capacity.  She is currently milking 7 lbs a day with 4.6% butterfat and 3.6% protein (one of the highest butterfat in the barn).  Mag-E's mother was milking 8 lbs a day on half an udder (she had mastitis on one side as a first freshener and permanently lost productivity on that side).  Her grand dam received her star as a third freshener). 
- $350

Karina is a 7 year old 4th freshener (we have milked her through twice).  She is short bodied with good body and udder capacity (teat placement isn't great but no issues milking her by hand or with machine).  She is currently milking 10lbs a day with 3.5% butterfat and 2.9% protein.  Her mother is milking over 10lbs a day currently and her grand dam received her star as a second freshener with over 14 lbs a day. 

- $400


Young Stock

Both French and American Alpines. Pedigrees and pictures upon request.

- 2015 Yearlings for sale. 

prices from $200 - $300

- 2016 Doelings and Bucklings.

prices from $100 - $350


We do take the time to talk with potential buyers to make sure they are getting a good fit, we want you to be happy with the goat(s) you take home and we want the goats to be happy too.