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Cheese Review: Kunik & Perle

One of our stops while we were in Quebec was to Domaine de Courval in Waterville.  It is a quaint, "micro-fromagerie".  If you've heard of Nettle Meadows in NY, this new creamery in Quebec was established by the original owners of Nettle Meadows.  They opened their new  Quebec dairy in 2007 and ma…

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Cheese Review: Innes Brick

During our trip to France this spring we took a whirlwind 24 hour trip to London to visit a dear friend we had not seen in years.  One of our first stops was Neal’s Yard Dairy.  The workers there were so friendly, kind, and helpful.  They kept cutting more and more cheese samples for us.  We began…

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Cheese Review: Carr Valley Cheese: Sweet Vanilla Cardona Cheese

We found  this Wisconsin Cheese in our local Wegman's specialty cheese cooler.  

It is a very white cheese.  Although it's a aged wheel cheese it's soft and very creamy.  It smells and tastes sweet with just a hint of vanilla.  It's a very mild cheese, with no hint of goat taste.   

I fou…

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Cheese Review

Well of course we have to review our cheese first! 4 Tin Fish Farm produces 3 varieties of Chevre; Plain, Herb de Provence & Peppercorn. The cheese is hand ladled into basket molds to drain and is packaged in deli containers to maintain the basket mold shape. This keeps the cheese light and fresh,…

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