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Weekly Update: 08/12/13

Today my cousin Sandy came to visit the farm!  It was great to show off the goats and share some cheese.  Here's a picture she took of our VERY full cheese fridge.  It will be empty by the end of the week!

Photo Courtesy of Sandie Janes

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Weekly Update: 08/05/13

I've made another attempt at creating a Caprino Romano cheese.  Hopefully this time it turns out well.  The first time I tried to make it I didn't press it enough, leaving too much moisture in the cheese, which created a lot of not good mold.  Here's the newest round.  The color is uneven because it…

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Weekly Update: 07/29/13

It's been a slower week this past week.  Had a lot of personal appointments and a few work engagements so farm was a little neglected this week.  Andrew did hold down the fort so Kim could go on her annual Otter Creek horse camping trip (Thanks Andrew). On that note, here's a picture of Dakota campi…

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Weekly Update: 07/22/13

After a number of barn debates last week we finally decided on who was going to get a chance to go to NYS fair, and then we still made last minute changes when entries were submitted!  In total we're taking 12 goats, I think that might be the most we've ever taken, I know last year we took nine.  Ev…

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Weekly Update: 07/08/13

We were in Quebec last week for a family reunion, it was great to spend time with family that we don’t get to see very often.  And we did take time to track down some Quebec cheeses so stay tune for some Canadian cheese reviews soon.  Once home, the rest of the week was spent getting caught up with …

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Weekly Update: 07/01/13



This past week we welcomed our last baby of the spring.  We’re working on getting our feta stores rebuilt.  And refilling lots of water buckets throughout the day.  It’s been so hot and humid. Between water buckets and fly paper I think that takes up half our daily barn chore …

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Weekly Update: 06/24/13

Joyeuse Saint Jean-Baptiste! It's Quebec's National Holiday!

This past week has been Hay Week here.  We've had a lot of rain the last few weeks and there was finally a stretch of days where everyone was cutting and baling.  So glad that it was last week when the humidity was lower than it has bee…

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Weekly Update: 06/17/13


Kim’s parents were here for a few days last week and really helped us get caught up around the farm.  Our deck on our house has been precariously hanging on for the last couple of years so we’re working on replacing that and they helped get the first half of it torn down.  They also cleaned up…

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Weekly Update: 6/3/13

We’ve had a busy last week on the farm.  Our first show of the season was this past weekend, the annual New York State Dairy Goat Breeder Association Show.   This means clipping and washing goats, trimming hooves, and overall making sure everyone looks nice and pretty.  Clipping is one of our leas…

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